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Delfen Necromancer of Amber

Stats:  Psyche 32
         Strength  04
         Endurance 06
         Warfare 31

         0 Stuff

Personal Shadow - "Neraka"                                                  1Pt

Items:         Protective robe  - Resistant to firearms                     02Pts
                Bladed Staff    - Double damage                             02Pts
                2 Daggers       - Double damage                             04Pts
                Klaw             - Danger sense                                02Pts
               Tail claw         - Double damage                             02Pts

Powers:     Sorcery
                         - Necromancy  Level 5                                 15Pts
                         - Pyromancy  Level 4                                  10Pts
                         - Mysticism Level 4                                    10Pts
                         - Aeromancy Level 3                                   06Pts

              Partial Pattern                                                     32Pts
                        - 09 Pattern Defence
                        - 09 Probability
              Sorcery Booster                                                    10Pts (8 paid)

              Conjuration                                                         10Pts (3 paid)
+6 adv

     Delfen is a fairly large (6ft 5"), dark and imposing character.  His colours are black and gold.  He is 283yrs old, has dark green eyes and shoulder length black hair, parted in the middle.  His features are grim and his teeth (canines) are pointed.  He doesn't smile very often unless he is grinning evilly.  He is not apt to be overly talkative, preferring to say little in conversation.

     Delfen is clothed in a hooded black robe, bound with golden rope at the waist.  Runes of protection have been woven into his robe with gold thread, granting magical resistance to weapons and projectiles.  An array of pouches is attached to his belt and many pockets are concealed within the folds of his robe, containing a vast assortment of strange and bizarre oddments.  His belt also holds a sheathed dagger inscribed in red with magical runes.  These runes effectively increase the severity of any wounds that are inflicted with the weapon.  Its twin is hidden within Delfen's black leather boot.

     He also wears a black cape with a velvet purple interior, this conceals a slit in the back of his robe which allows Delfen to reveal his tail.  His tail is long and flexible, tipped with a nasty claw.  No one is aware of this bodily extension which he has joined to his coccyx by means of his necromantic abilities.

     Delfen also wields a staff that enhances his magical spell casting ability and, when activated by a simple twist, reveals two 16" blades at either end.  Delfen is especially adept at combat with both his staff and daggers, his next most preferred weapon being a long sword.  He is also proficient with most medieval weapons.

     Delfen also has a skeletal hand (which he raised himself) which accompanies him everywhere, contentedly perched on his shoulder.  This companion, which he affectionately calls Klaw, often lends a helping hand (yeah, yeah, it's a bad pun but it had to be said) and has warned Delfen of danger on many an occasion.

      The Necromancer spends much of his time studying in his personal shadow, Neraka.  In this shadow he is a revered and feared sorcerer lord, commanding a massive army of the undead.  Living in his eerie castle, constructed of the bones of some gigantuous but long dead creature, he is often studying or experimenting with new spells, sometimes going afield to one of the many graveyards in Neraka to summon his servants or some other monstrous affront to existence.

     When Delfen is not in Neraka he can usually be found somewhere in Amber, either studying ancient scrolls or spell books from Amber's library or perhaps seeking tutelage from the more experienced sorcerers among the elders.  Delfen respects most of the elders and also respects Amber herself.  If called upon he will willingly lend his talents in the defence of Amber against any invaders.  Although he respects many of his fellow Amberites he would never completely trust any of them as he is quite aware of their scheming ways.  However, he is not always so sceptical of them, as he does believe many of them to have good qualities such as loyalty and they can sometimes even be slightly helpful.

Benedict - A little aloof and narrow-minded but is loyal and a great warrior
Bleys - A champion - Bleys is both a great warrior and commands impressive powers
Brand  - A madman - glad he's dead
Cain - Trust him like a brother - he is too devious and scheming, try not to get involved in his affairs
Corwin - A champion - great attitude, admirable fighting style
Diedre - A respectable warrior and powerful ally
Eric  - Pretty cool guy - probably best king out of the elders
Fiona - Mummy!  Powerful and a good sorcerer
Flora - Delfen looks down on her... but... an easy ally to gain, will pretend to like her (besides, she is good looking... who says necromancers have to be uninterested in the opposite sex)
Gerard - Everybody loves this big friendly oaf
Julian - Penis in shining armour
Llewella - minor player in Amber, still... not to be underestimated
Random - Too kind-hearted for his own good but is a fair and just king
Martin - Complete prick and a wimp
Merlin - Don't particularly like him either
Oberon - What is there to say...  king of all kings, father of gods - in short, he's da man!

     In the past Delfen has spent much of his time in various fantasy shadows honing his sorcerous abilities and warrior instincts in vast battles.  He has visited a few futuristic shadows but took an immediate dislike to lasers and other advanced technologies.  He has, however, spent several years in a few technology-based shadows becoming a competent surgeon and is also relatively competent in the arts of healing.  This has greatly aided him in many of his necromantic spells, especially those concerning regeneration and the animation of body parts.  It was after he became a surgeon that he attached his tail to himself for use as a surprise factor in battle or to help him escape if captured.

     Delfen is the son of Fiona and his now deceased sorcerer father.  Much of his younger life was spent with his father, learning a small amount of sorcery from him but mostly learning for himself the forbidden (in that particular shadow) art of necromancy.  Necromancy fascinated Delfen because of the power involved to be able to manipulate the forces of life and death, raise armies from the fallen, the fear that the undead invoked in the hearts of men and because he was into recycling (glass, paper, metal, bodies).

     By the age of 99 he was an established necromancer in his shadow, a feared entity in his world.  Upon exploring a mysterious new passageway in the bowels of his castle (once his fathers), he discovered a shimmering vortex of light.  Bravely stepping into the light, he suddenly found himself in the presence of his mother, Fiona, whom he had not seen since she was a child.  She seemed not to have aged at all!  Fiona further trained him in the ways of sorcery and began teaching him about the Pattern.  Fiona tried forcing Delfen to learn more about the Pattern, but at the time he was more interested in sorcery and after an argument with Mum, he left to pursue his studies in shadow, returning to Amber on occasion.  During the Patternfall War, the elders, in their infinite wisdom, either chose not to use Delfen's skills or just plain forgot about him, thus he blissfully remained in shadow, raising the dead and building a new skeletal castle.  Most of the Amberites think that Delfen is a reasonable guy (for an Amberite) but maybe a little strange or weird (with vampire teeth and cloaked followers).  He is apt to show off his skills a little too much when in Amber, which is frowned upon by the elders but he only uses minor spells.  The Amberites are fairly used to this now and are not surprised to find several skeleton rats running around his feet or for him to have steam whistling from his ears if he is angry.  Delfen takes great pride in his minor special effects spells and enjoys them immensely, especially when he makes an effective entrance.

     His two skeletal bodyguards, who exist solely to protect their creator and master, permanently accompany Delfen wherever he may roam.  These skeletons have been raised from the bones of great warriors and have fed on the souls of thousands of soldiers.  They wear heavy marone cloaks with deep hoods, and only their eyes can be seen, burning red.  They can speak, but do so extremely rarely, and when they do, they speak with the cold, gravelly voice of death himself.  They have a very small portion of Delfen's sorcerous powers and may cast minor/medium offensive spells.

    Cloaked Skeleton Bodyguards x 2

     Psyche:           Amber
     Strength:         15
     Endurance:      Unlimited
     Warfare:        25

    Equipment: Cloak, a wickedly curved blade and a shield embossed with a grinning skull.

     Sorcery: Pyromancy Level 3
                                              - Fire writing
                                              - Flaming weapons
                                              - Fist of flame
                                              - Heat object
                                              - Arc of fire
- Shield of fire (turns their normal shield into fire)
      - Self-ignition

Shadow Neraka: Further detail

     The area of shadow around Delfen's home is heavily infested with evil spirits and undead creatures, servants of Delfen.  Any person venturing through this place will have an uneasy feeling of being watched, any hostile action will be met with an onslaught of unnatural creatures and Delfen will be fully informed and aware of any movements within this area while he is in his shadow.  A special messenger spirit may also seek Delfen through shadow if Neraka is in trouble.

     His castle, naturally, is also home to a host of spirits and other undead creatures, keeping their unsleeping vigil.  One novel aspect of the castle is that the whole castle uses candles for illumination, each of these candles bears a semi-sentient flame that will attack a character en masse if an unwanted character enters Delfen's castle.  These flames will do little more than cause minor burns to the flesh, and will be likely to ignite clothing and hair, but should serve as a warning and deterrent.  The castle is also booby trapped with many wards and traps, both physical and magical; only a character lead by Delfen could successfully navigate the castle corridors.

     The castle is known as The Fangs of Death as it is situated on a cliff-top and its silhouette appears jagged against the sky.  On one side of the castle is a huge cliff-face dropping onto jagged rocks and an angry ocean.  The other side consists of a steep and narrow path leading up to the castle and further down the slope is a haunted forest and a large graveyard.


1f     Flame/Light - Creates a small flame or light.
2f     Fire writing - Writes fiery messages or symbols in the air.
2f     Flaming weapons - Sets a weapon on fire.
2f     Fist of flame - Fire steadily leaps from Delfen's fist.
2f     Heat object - Makes target 'too hot to handle'.
3f     Arc of fire - Jet of flame bursts from Delfen's hand.
4f     Wall of fire - Creates a wall, circle or dome of flame.
1f     Snort fire - Delfen snorts flames from his nose.
1f     Flaming Eyes - Delfen's eyes become burning flames.
1f     Flaming footsteps - The soles of Delfen's boots seem to be smouldering and he leaves footprints of fire as he passes.
2f     Heat body part - Delfen can heat part of himself so that his touch will burn.
3f     Shield of fire - A small shield of fire is formed which is as effective as a normal shield and can be used as a weapon.
3f     Flaming tongue of fire- a thin solid stream of fire leaps from Delfen's mouth and whips the target, burning them.
4f     Fireball - Self-explanatory.
3f     Burn object - Set something on fire (eg Liar, liar pants on fire).
3f     Dragon's breath - Delfen breathes fire from his mouth.
4f     Rain of fire - Drops of fire rain down upon target area.
4f+Conj     Fire demon - Summons a muscular, 7 foot demon of humanoid
proportions.  Its skin is dark red and its eyes are of fire.  It wields a
flaming curved sword and comes to serve its master, Delfen.

    Fire Demon

    Psyche:  Human
    Strength:  15
    Endurance: 20
    Warfare:  15

    Equipment: Curved, flaming sword.

3f     Self-ignition - Flames leap from Delfen's body, of course, they do no harm to him but may burn anything he touches.
3f+3m     Homing fireball - Using both his powers of mysticism and pyromancy Delfen may cast a fireball and guide it to its target.
3f+3m+Pattern     Homing fireball 2 - Delfen has incorporated the Pattern into this spell allowing the fireball to seek its target through shadow.
3f      Blinding light - An extremely bright light is emitted from Delfen's staff which does not affect him.
3f+3m     Flaming arrow - A bow of pure fire forms in Delfen's hands, when the bowstring is drawn back, an arrow of fire forms in place and can be fired in the same way as a normal arrow.  Once the arrow has been released, the bow dies away.
3f+4m+4n     Animated flames - A score of little flames appear.  These flames will follow simple instructions and otherwise will just run helter-skelter around Delfen.
3f+3a      Firebird - a smaller version of the Phoenix.


     Psyche :   Chaos
     Strength:  10
     Endurance: 10
     Warfare:  10

     Special: Made of living fire.  Can also fly.

3f     Whip of fire - This is a simple whip  which forms in Delfen's hand until he chooses to discard it.


1a     Will 'o' wisp - A semi-sentient glowing ball of light.
1a     Zephyr - A small gust of air.
1a     Aerodrawing - Writes messages or symbols in the air.
2a     Word's breath - A gust of wind which can carry a message.
2a+Pattern      Word's breath 2 - A gust of wind which can carry a message through shadow.
3a     Mage-wind - A semi-sentient gust of wind which is strong enough to propel a vessel through a body of water.
3a     Raven's wings - Strong winds can carry Delfen anywhere he likes, for all purposes allowing him to fly.
3a+4m     Sky high - Strong winds pick the target up, lifting him hundreds of feet in the air and then will levitate them there or drop them, depending on Delfen's whim.
3a+4m     Summon other - Strong winds may carry another to Delfen, assuming they are in the same shadow.  Target may try to mould shadow to escape or may grab hold of a passing object, persons with good strength will be able to keep their grip and escape the spell but the greater the magician the higher the strength required.
1a     Breath of air - A cool breeze furls Delfen's cape and ruffles his hair.
3a     Air blast - A powerful blast of air can easily knock an unsuspecting target over.  A target with strength greater than 20 will not be budged.
2a     Fragrance - Sweet smelling waft of air.
2a     Bad breathe - Foul, rotting odour wafts around.
1a      Incriminate - Makes it seem like another person has passed wind (sounds and smells included).
3a     Suffocate - Removes the air from targets lungs.  Requires psyche advantage.
3a     Explode - Forces air into target.  Requires psyche advantage.
3a+Conj     Magic carpet - Self-explanatory.
2a     Impersonate voice - Impersonates (with practice) another's voice


1m     Second sight - Reveals single piece of information about target eg. Name, age etc.
1m     Trance - Physical and mental rest without sleep.
2m     Mind over body - Allows pain to be ignored.
2m     Mind over mind - Sets a barrier to mental contact, this is a stronger barrier then can normally be erected by psyche alone.
3m     Telekinesis - Moving objects by the power of the mind alone.
3m     Wall of force - Erects a visible or invisible wall, circle or dome of force.
4m     Levitation - Self-telekinesis.
4m     Mind puppet - Once psychically dominated, the target may be controlled like a puppet.
3m     Arcane bolt - Bolt of magical energy/force.
3m+3?     Dispel magic - Dispels other magic if Delfen's is a greater mystic then the opposition.  If they are of equal skill as mystics the greater psyche will win.
4m     Mental contact - Opens up a mental link between Delfen and target assuming target is in the same or close shadow.
4m     Annul enchantment - Destroys an enchanted artefact.
2m     See items of power - Causes enchanted items to be noticeable to Delfen.
2m     See magics - Causes all magics to be noticeable to Delfen.
3m     Invisible hands - Hands or force, may be used to trip or push.
4m+3a+1f     Teleport - Teleports Delfen any distance up to about 5 shadows away.  Delfen disappears in a flash of fire and a puff of smoke.
3m     Shield of force - Creates a visible or invisible shield.
3m+4n     Energy sprites - Independent of Delfen, an energy sprite is an invisible, mischievous little being which can inhabit any object.  It exists for the pleasure of annoying other living beings and if it succeeds in getting a reaction will only annoy the victim even more.  When their energy is spent (or drained by magical means) they require sunlight to revive themselves and regain their energy.  Eg. A sprite may infest somebody's cloak, strangling them with it, then they may leave them alone....  for a while, before continuing to be a nuisance, possibly possessing a puddle, raising it up in the air and then dropping it on someone's head.
4m     Paralyse - Target can not move unless attacked or the spell wears off.  Requires a psyche advantage.
4m     Confuse - "Nothing seems to make sense. Which way is up?  Where am I?".  Requires a psyche advantage.
4m     Hypnotise - "You are a chicken".  Requires a psyche advantage.
4m+2f     Bloodlust - Target is obsessed with killing.  Requires a psyche advantage.
4m+1f     Courage - Target gains a burst of courage.
4m     Effect emotions - Can make target hate, sympathise or love someone else.  Requires a psyche advantage.
3m     Convince/Influence - The target tends to agree with Delfen's point of view.  Works most effectively if the target is not completely against the idea or is considering it.  Requires a psyche advantage.
3m     Intimidate - Makes target scared of Delfen.  Requires psyche advantage.
2m+1n     Intimidate 2 - Makes Delfen appear larger and more threatening and his voice becomes more intimidating.
3m+3n+Conj     Frighten - Target becomes extremely and irrationally fearful.  Begins seeing things at edge of vision and worst nightmares/phobias come true.
3m+Conj     Magic carpet - Self-explanatory.
4m+4n     Invisible warrior - Binds a warrior's spirit to pure force, effectively creating an invisible warrior.  This warrior is unarmed however and does tend to fight honourably (this means tapping enemy on the shoulder before punching them out).

    Invisible Warrior

     Psyche:  Chaos
     Strength:  30
     Endurance:  10
     Warfare:  Amber

     Equipment: None

     Special: Invisibility


1n     Death's vision - Allows Delfen to see the last sight a deceased person saw before they died
1n     Enviven - Gives target a boost of energy.
2n     Slow - Slows target by draining their energy.  Requires a psyche advantage.
2n     Haste - Hastens target by increasing their energy.
2n     Death's door - Revives/heals the mortally wounded.  That is, someone who is on the brink of death will be brought back, although their wounds will not be completely healed, they will not die.
2n     Veil speaking - Communing with the spirits.
3n     Turning undead - Dispels the undead.
3n     Regeneration - Regenerates flesh, living or otherwise.
3n     Healing - Healing wounds.
3n     Animate dead - Animate skeletons and zombies.
4n     Animate and attach body part - Attaches a body part (mix & match).
5n     Eternal unlife - Summons the greater undead... Liches, skeleton warriors, mummy kings etc.
2n+2m     Spirit calling - Calls the attention of a spirit.
3n+3m     Spirit aspect - Delfen takes on some aspect of his patron spirit.
4n+4m     Spirit binding - Binds a spirit to a person/object.
4n+4m     Spirit banishing - Banishes a spirit from a person/object.
2n+2m+Pattern     Ghostly Messenger - A Phantom will personally deliver a message to a certain target.
3n     Animate body part - Animates a body part! Eg. Animates a leg and makes it hop around, animate a head and make it talk etc.
5n+4m     Wraith - Summons a wraith.  This living impaired creature is insubstantial and its touch causes unconsciousness.


     Psyche:  35
     Strength:  None
     Endurance:  Unlimited
     Warfare:  None

     Equipment: None

     Special: Insubstantial and causes unconsciousness by touch.

5n+3a+conj     Zombie dragon - The partially decayed form of a dragon.  May still fly though its wings be in tatters.  Hideous to behold.

    Zombie Dragon

    Psyche:  Chaos
    Strength:  40
    Endurance:  Unlimited
    Warfare:  25

    Special: Can fly.

4n     Drain life - Weakens target, may cause fainting or unconsciousness.  Requires a psyche advantage.
5n+Conj     Instant skeleton warriors (just add water)- One of Delfen's pockets contains about 7 minute skulls.  When cast with the appropriate words these will transform into individual bloodthirsty skeleton warriors.

     Skeleton Warriors

     Psyche:  Amber
     Strength:  20
     Endurance: Unlimited
     Warfare:  35

     Equipment: Curved sword and a shield.

5n+Conj     Self-Resurrect - Delfen has a resurrection spell encased in an amethyst amulet worn about his neck.  Should he be slain, hours later, this spell will begin its work, resurrecting Delfen as a powerful Liche.

5n     Resurrection - Resurrects another as any undead.
5n+3f     Animate "Fangs of Death" - Animates Delfen's bone castle into a massive, skeletal, fire-breathing wyrm.  RUN!  Delfen rides between its shoulder blades.

     Fangs of Death

     Psyche:  N/A
     Strength:  190
     Endurance:  Unlimited
     Warfare:  30

     Special: Breathes fire and it's bloody huge.

4n     Animate horde - Animates a horde of undead.
5n      Partial insubstantiality - Makes part of target insubstantial.
3n     Energiser (keeps on going and going...) - Keeps target going for a while even after receiving fatal wounds.
3n     Death's memories - Delfen can view the last memories of a newly dead corpse.
1n     Death's face - Delfen turns around to reveal a hideous skeletal visage beneath his hood.  Hehehe...
3n+Conj     Troll - A grotesque green troll.  The troll carries a crude wooden club and bounds along on lanky legs.  Wounds will regenerate unless caused by fire.


     Psyche:  Human
     Strength:  30
     Endurance:  10
     Warfare:  Chaos

     Equipment: Large wooden club covered with mashed human remains (skull, brains, blood etc).

     Special: Regeneration unless wounds are caused by fire.

5n+4f      Fiery skeletal demon - Massive (the size of a greater dragon) flaming, animated demon skeleton.  Eyes burn red and its howl is deafening.  This creature is so large no weapons are needed for it to fight.

     Fiery Demonic Skeleton

     Psyche:  Amber
     Strength:  60
     Endurance: Unlimited
     Warfare:  40

     Special: Covered with fire and bloody big.

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